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A Beka History 6 New World History & Geography at My Class
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Memory Tiles for Document Memorization ▼
1 Chapter 1 The First Americans Map Games Chapter 1
2 Chapter 2 Cold Lands to the North North America Map Quiz
South America Map Quiz
3 Chapter 3 Canada: Second Largest Country
Chapter 3 Canada Cities
Canada Map Quiz    
BakerBattle Canada   OR   CastleCollapse Canada
4 Chapter 4 The Eastern United States
BakerBattle States OR CastleCollapse States
Quiz 1 Eastern U.S. Map     Quiz 2 Bays, Gulfs, & Seas
BakerBattle Map Skills   OR   CastleCollapse Map Skills
5 Chapter 5 The North American Plains Quiz 1 Rivers of North America
Quiz 2 Rivers of South America
6 Chapter 6 The American West Quiz 1: N.A. Mountains, Deserts, & Waterfalls
Quiz 2: S.A. Mountains, Highlands, & Deserts
7 Chapter 7 The Colonial Heritage, Set 1
Chapter 7 Colonial People Games, Set 2
BakerBattle Map Skills Peninsulas
CastleCollapse Map Skills Peninsulas
8 Chapter 8 George Washington & First Republic Bays and Gulfs of North & Central America Map Quiz
9 Chapter 9 Evangelism and Expansion Bodies of Water North America Map Quiz
10 Chapter 10 Division and Reunion Straits, Lakes, & Islands of North America Map Quiz
11 Chapter 11 The Nation Grows & Prospers Straits, Lakes, & Islands of South America Map Quiz
12 Chapter 12 Into the Twentieth Century  
13 Chapter 13 No Substitute for Victory  
14 Chapter 14 Time for Freedom & Responsibility States & Capitals Games
States & Capitals Quiz
15 Chapter 15 Mexico & Central America Central America Nations Map Quiz
16 Chapter 16 West Indies Middle America Map Quiz
17 Chapter 17 South America Continent Nations of South America Map Quiz
18 Chapter 18 Nations of South America