Enjoying Good Health Chapter 3 - Digestive System

(1) Which teeth crush?
(2) Which teeth grind?
(3) Which teeth grow in young adults after age seventeen?
(4) Which teeth cut?
(5) Which teeth tear?

(6) What is the largest organ inside the human body?
(7) Which part of the digestive system stores bile?
(8) Which organ destroys worn-out red blood cells and recycles iron from them?
(9) Where is food stored before it is digested?
(10) Where is most food digested?
(11) Where are insulin and pancreatic juice produced?
(12) Which long tube connects the mouth to the stomach?
(13) What carries waste parts of food from the body?
(14) Which organ stores sugar, vitamins, and minerals for later use?
(15) Where is saliva used to digest food?
(16) Where is gastric juice used to digest food?
(17) Where is bile used to digest food?
(18) Where is pancreatic juice used to digest food?
(19) Which organ produces bile?
(20) Where does digestion begin?
(21) Which organ churns food to turn it into a liquid?

(22) What is a digestive juice found in the mouth?
(23) What are the rough parts from fruits, vegetables, and grains that cannot be digested?
(24) What does the body need more of after exercising, during illness, and in hot weather?
(25) What is a painful infection of the colon caused by water polluted by sewage which results in diarrhea?
(26) What drug found in soda and coffee causes the body to lose extra water and to have high blood pressure?
(27) What liquid damages the liver and weakens the body’s ability to fight disease?
(28) What makes up two-thirds of the body?
(29) Which substance, which helps cells pull in sugar, does a person with diabetes mellitus not have enough of?
(30) Which type of food begins its digestion with saliva in the mouth?
(31) Which type of food finishes digestion in the small intestine?
(32) Which type of food may remain in the stomach for up to six hours?
(33) What helps control body temperature, carry away wastes, and change food into energy?

(34) Which system removes waste products and helps regulate the amount of water in the body?
(35) Which system breaks down food into parts that the body can use?
(36) What is the thirty-foot long tube through which food passes?
(37) What is helped by regular meals, exercise, eating fiber, and drinking 6 large glasses of water each day?
(38) What good habit should be done thoroughly with all food?
(39) What is the throat called?
(40) What is the windpipe?
(41) What is a tiny flap of cartilage that covers the trachea during swallowing?
(42) What are fingerlike projections in the intestines that absorb food?
(43) What is the breaking down of food into a form that the body can use?
(44) What is the process that makes food available to your body?
(45) What is a bean-shaped organ that reabsorbs water back into the blood but also sends filtered wastes to the bladder?
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