Chapter 9 Review - Part 1: A Variety of Vertebrates

(1) What are animals with backbones?
Birds are (2) –blooded.
Fish are (3) –blooded.
Reptiles are (4) –blooded.
Amphibians are (5) –blooded.
Mammals are (6) –blooded.
The (7) can dive through the air at speeds of 200 mph or more.
The (8) is the largest bird in the world.
The (9) is a South American relative of the ostrich.
The (10) is the only bird that fly backward.
The (11) seals itself in its nest with a mud wall.
The (12) fish has both of its eyes on one side of its head.
A lamprey is a (13) fish.
A shark is a (14) fish.
(15) fish make up the most of the world’s fish.
(16) are the breathing organs of fish.
(17) help fish to stay at one level in the water.
(18) are the hard, round disks that fish have for protection.
The (19) is the fastest snake.
The (20) snake is the tiniest snake in the world.
The (21) is the largest poisonous snake in the world.
(22) is the process snakes use to shed their outer skin.
A (23) helps a snake’s sense of smell.
(24) is the poison produced by some snakes.
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