Meteorology Chapter 8 - Study Guide Part II

DIRECTIONS: Match the definition to the type of cloud
(1) altocumulus a. a puffy, bulgy, white heap
(2) altostratus b. low grayish-white flat layer bringing a light drizzle
(3) cirrus c. a high wispy curl
(4) cirrocumulus d. a cloud from which rain is falling
(5) cirrostratus e. tall puffy cloud with a dark bottom and anvil top
(6) cumulus f. high small-looking puffy clouds indicating weather change
(7) cumulonimbus g. high thin sheets indicating wet weather approaching
(8) fog h. medium-height flat sheets allowing little sunlight through
(9) nimbus i. medium-height rows of puffy clouds
(10) nimbostratus j. stratus-like cloud which forms at ground-level
(11) stratus k. dark gray clouds covering the sky which bring long-lasting heavy rain
(12) stratocumulus l. bunched up puffy clouds followed by heavy rain
DIRECTIONS: Choose true or false.
(13) A tornado watch is a news bulletin given when a tornado is spotted.
(14) Lightning occurs when opposite electrical charges build up in very tall clouds.
(15) Thunder is caused by shock waves produced by the rapid expansion of superheated air.
(16) The thin channel of charged air through which a lightning bold can travel is called an updraft.
(17) Lightning that remains in the cloud and does not come into contact with the ground is called cloud lightning.
(18) The row of thunderheads that builds up in front of advancing cold air is called a squall line.
(19) A hurricane is the type of severe weather produces the most destructive power in the smallest space.
DIRECTIONS: Match the description to the type of precipitation.
(20) freezing rain m. ice crystals in a cloud become too heavy, falls, melts, and lands on earth as water
(21) hail n. ice crystals melt slightly, stick, and freeze together
(22) rain o. ice crystals fall through air that is well below freezing
(23) sleet p. falling ice crystals melt into raindrops then refreeze and land as tiny pieces of ice
(24) dry snow r. falling ice crystals melt into rain, but refreeze as soon as they land on cold earth
(25) wet snow s. a small piece of ice gains layers of ice as it is tossed up in a cloud before falling to the earth
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