Meteorology Chapter 8 - Study Guide Part 1 A

(1) What is a scientist who studies weather?
(2) What is the basic cause of all weather?
(3) What term describes the trapping of heat by the earth’s atmosphere?
(4) From what does the air receives most of its warmth?
(5) What is the imaginary line running from North Pole to South Pole around which the earth spins?
(6) What is the imaginary line circling the earth midway between its poles?
(7) What is one-half of the earth’s surface?
(8) What is the cause of the earth’s different seasons?
(9) What is moving air created by temperature differences as the sun warms the earth?
(10) What temperature of air rises, expands, and is lighter?
(11) What temperature of air sinks, contracts, and is heavier?
(12) What is the weight of the atmosphere pushing down on the earth?
(13) What type of air increases air pressure at ground level and pushes up?
(14) What type of air reduces air pressure at ground level and shields the air below it from the full weight of the atmosphere?
(15) What instrument does a meteorologist use to measure air pressure?
(16) How fast does the earth spin on its axis?
(17) What type of air pressure does the warm air above the earth’s equator have?
(18) What type of air pressure does the cold air above the earth’s poles have?
(19) What is name given to the curling of wind by the Earth’s rotation on its axis?
(20) Which wind system bends winds so that they blow from the east near the equator?
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