Creating Wind


Basic Cause of Weather

The (1) is the basic cause of all weather. Air is warmed by the (2) . Changes in (3) cause air to move. Moving air is called (4) . The ground is not heated evenly because the earth is (5) on its axis. This gives the earth its (6) . (7) is experienced when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun causing it to receive (8) sunlight. At the same time, the Southern Hemisphere will be experiencing (9) because it is tilted (10) the sun.

Moving Air

Air is constantly moving on the earth because of changes in temperature and the earth's (11) . Because it receives direct sunlight all year long, (12) air is (13) from the middle of the earth near its (14) . Because it receives little sunlight, the air above the (15) is (16) . This air (17) and moves toward the equator. Because the earth is spinning, this air movement is curled. This is called the (18) Effect. This causes three major wind systems on earth. Winds near the poles blow from the (19) and are called (20) . Winds near the equator in the (21) area blow from the (22) and are called (23) . Between these two areas, warm and cold air collide in the (24) zone. Winds in this zone blow from the (25) and are called (26) .
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