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Insects Links at My Class
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Learn more about insects at these links.
Pest World PestWorldForKids.org: Watch videos, play games, and research reports.
Let's Talk About Insects University of Illinois: Let's Talk About Insects
Mr. Nussbaum Insects Mr. Nussbaum: Learn, play, and explore insects.
Insect World British Council: Bugs and Insects
Purdue Entomology Purdue Entomology: Meet an entomologist, a scientist who studies insects.
Zoom in on True Bugs Scholastic: Zoom in on True Bugs
Going Buggy Scholastic Going Bug-gy! Investigate insects with the Frizz!
Create Super Bug MyLearning.org Minibeasts: Downloadable insect images.
BugFacts.net BugFacts.net: Photographs and information about specific insects.
UK Insect CritterFiles University of Kentucky Critter Files: Photos and information about insects.
ScienceNetLinks Cicadas ScienceNetLinks Cicacas: Eastern Ohio will be invaded by 17-year cicadas in 2016.
Proflowers Butterflies ProFlowers: Where do butterflies come from?
BioKids Critter Catalog BioKids Critter Catalog: Photos, information, sounds, and classification.
InsectIdentification.org InsectIdentification.org: Images and information.
AskABiologist Ant Zoom Ask a Biologist: Ant Zoom Gallery.
Complete Metamorphosis Ask a Biologist: Complete metamorphosis of butterflies.
Incomplete Metamorphosis Ask a Biologist: Incomplete metamorphosis of grasshoppers.
PlaygroundEquipment.com PlaygroundEquipment.com: Links about insects on the playground.
Science For Kids Club ScienceForKidsClub.com: Learn interesting facts about insects.
Science For Kids Club ScienceForKidsClub.com: Butterfly facts that will amaze you.
Pest.org Pests.org: Learn how to get rid of unwanted insects in and around your home.
WPClipart.com Insects WPClipart.com: Free insect clip art.