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These resources will help you research and write reports.
Tree Links Tree Links
Learn more about trees and research your Adopt-A-Tree project.
Mammal Links Mammal Links
Learn about mammals and research your mammal project.
Light Links Light, Lenses, & Vision Links
Investigate the properties of light with virtual lenses, microscopes, and lab experiments.
Insect Links Insect Links
See great photographs, find facts, and play games about insects.
Arthopod Links Spiders & Other Arthropod Links
Learn about millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, and spiders.
Chemistry Links Chemistry Links
Research elements, use interactive periodic tables, watch videos, and play games.
Earth Science Links Earth Science Links
Links for rocks, gems, volcanoes, earthquakes, landforms, and tectonic plates.
Health Links Health Links
Research cells, play games, & learn about the human body.
FactMonster FactMonster.com
Try this free online encyclopedia for students.
WPClipart Index of Ocean Animal Clipart
Fish Clipart
Crab Clipart
Ocean Invertebrates Clipart
Dolphin Clipart
Whale Clipart
Creature Feature National Geographic Animals
Find out more about your favorite animals.
Animal Facts National Geographic Animal Facts
Search for pictures and facts about many different animals.
Seaworld Sea World Animal Info
Facts about ocean mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.
FINS Fish FINS Fish Index
Alphabetical list of ocean fish.
FINS Invertebrates FINS Invertebrates Index
Alphabetical list of ocean invertebrates.
Infohio Infohio
This is a one-stop research site for Ohio residents.
Gateway BibleGateway
Search for Bible passages by keyword, topic, or chapter/verse reference.
NetHymnal NetHymnal
Search for church hymns and songs by title, tune, or composer.
Sermons Sermon Index
See examples of sermons and sermon outlines.
MFPL Belmont County District Library
Search the electronic card catalog, or use the Research Center.
Dictionary Word Central
Use this dictionary and thesaurus tool from Merriam Webster to check word spellings and learn new words.