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Spiders & Other Arthropods at My Class
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Research spiders at these links.
Kentucky Spiders University of Kentucky Critter Files: Kentucky spiders facts and photos.
Ohio Spiders Spiders.us: Ohio spiders facts and photos.
North American Spiders North American Spiders: Photos and facts about 79 spiders.
Pest World Pest World for Kids: Explore brown recluse and black widow spiders.
Mr. Nussbaum Spiders Mr. Nussbaum Spiders for Kids: Watch videos and learn.
San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo: Choose "arthropods" from "Type" menu for cool facts and photos of spiders & insects.
Kid Zone Spider Facts Kidzone Spider Facts: Photos and facts as well as myths and legends.
Bio Kids Arachnida Bio Kids Arachnida: Photos and facts about spiders and their relatives.
Science For Kids Club ScienceForKidsClub.com: Good basic facts about spiders.
Learn about other arthropods at these links.
Critter Files University of Kentucky Critter Files: Spiders & Other Arthopods.
Orkin Pest Library Orkin Pest Library: Research what might be living at your house!
Duckster Arachnids Ducksters: Insects and Arachnids.
Study Jams Arthropods Study Jams: Arthropods.
Noninsects BugFacts.net NonInsects: Centipedes, Millipedes, & Pill Bugs
Easy Science For Kids Easy Science for Kids: All about centipedes and millipedes.
BioKids Critter Catalog BioKids Critter Catalog: Centipedes and millipedes.
Cool Kid Facs Cool Kid Facts: Centipedes and millipedes.
A-Z Animals A - Z Animals: Facts and great photos of centipedes.
A - Z Animals A - Z Animals: Great photos and facts about millipedes.
Scorpions InsectIdentification.org: Facts and photos of scorpions.
A - Z Animals A - Z Animals: Scorpion photos and facts.