Suffixes - Twenty Most Used in Printed School English


DIRECTIONS: Choose the suffix which fits the meaning of the word.

1. If a believer possesses the qualities of having joy, the believer is joy.
2. If a computer has a defect, then it is defect.
3. If a computer program is characterized by having faults, the program is fault.
4. If a fraction can be reduced, the fraction is reduc.
5. If a ladder can be extended, the ladder is extend.
6. If a magnet performs the act or process of attracting something, then the magnet has an attract.
7. If a mineral is tested for the condition of being hard, a geologist is testing for hard.
8. If a person is without a home, the person is home.
9. If a student is in the process of being enrolled in school, the student is completing his enroll.
10. If an action has the character of being quick, it was performed quick.
11. If someone has more than one dog, that person has dog.
12. If the jewelry is made of gold, the jewelry is gold.
13. If worshipers are in the state of being solemn, they are demonstrating solemn.
14. If you achieve the best score in the class, your scores are the high.
15. If you are full of hope, then you are hope.
16. If you are in the state of being kind, you are showing kind.
17. If you are one who instructs, you are an instruct.
18. If you have less than another person, you have few.
19. If you made a jump in the past, you jump.
20. If you walk at the present time, you are walk.
21. If your clothing has the characteristics of a polite form, your clothing is form.
22. If your writings have the characteristics of those of a poet, your writings are poet.
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