Prefixes - Twenty Most Used in Printed School English

DIRECTIONS: Choose the meaning of the bold-faced prefix to complete the sentence.
A. An animal that lives in a submarine environment lives (1) the sea.
B. The transcontinental railroad went (2) the country.
C. An unpleasant person is (3) nice.
D. A weather forecast is given (4) the weather happens.
E. A misguided person is one who was (5) led.
F. A noncitizen means that the person is (6) from that nation.
G. The interstate highway allows people to travel (7) states.
H. A semicircle is (8) of a round shape.
I. An impossible situation is (9) likely to be solved.
J. A superintendant is a person who has authority (10) others.
K. To defrost frozen meat means to do the (11) of freezing.
L. To dislike something is to do the (12) showing your pleasure.
M. A player in the infield catches balls (13) the baseball diamond.
N. An overlook is a high place where one can see (14) a large piece of land.
O. To encode a document means a person will (15) make it appear according to a code or standard.
P. The antifreeze fluid in a car will protect the engine (16) freezing weather.
Q. To meet a person midway you would each meet in the (17) .
R. To return means to turn (18) to the same place.
S. A preheated oven was warmed (19) the food was placed in it.
T. A person who is underappreciated is one who is valued (20) their worth.
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