Human Cell


DIRECTIONS: Type the number beside the name of the cell part into the box before its description.

(1)  A thin covering which encloses the cell and regulates substances that pass through it.
(2)  A jelly-like material which fills the cell
(3)  The control center of a cell which directs its activities.
(4)  Long, threadlike strands of a substance called chromatin which is made up of DNA.
(5)  The power plants of the cell which convert food into energy the cell uses to grow, divide, and do its work.
(6)  A network of membranes with pouches that store proteins and help channel substances to various parts of the cell.
(7)  Flat membrane sacs that process proteins and other substances produced in the cell.
(8)  Round bodies containing enzymes that can break down many substances.
(9)  The cell's centers of protein production.
(10)  Barrel-shaped organelles which organize the cell's skeletal system and location of its organelles.
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