Unit 3 - Tissues, Organs, and Systems

(1) muscle contracts and relaxes to make the heart pump blood.
(2) tissue, such as bones and cartilage, bind structures together to provide support and protection.
(3) movements are controlled automatically by body tissue without a person's awareness.
(4) muscle is attached to bones to provide voluntary movement.
(5) muscle is found in the digestive system and blood vessels to provide involuntary movement.
(6) tissue, such as skin and mucus membranes, covers all body surfaces inside and out.
(7) tissue stretches to provide movement.
(8) tissue, such as the brain and spinal cord, receives and transmits impulses.
(9) movements are controlled by the brain with a person's awareness.
A/An (10) is the whole organism.
A/An (11) is a building block of a living thing.
A/An (12) is a group of tissues that work together to do a particular job.
A/An (13) is a set of organs that do one of the body’s main jobs.
A/An (14) is a group of cells that do the same job.
Bones and cartilage belong to the (15) system.
The (16) system transports fuel to body, carries away waste, sends cells to fight disease, and transports hormones.
The (17) system breaks down foods into useful fuel for the body and eliminates waste.
The (18) system produces chemical messengers called hormones which regulate growth, reproduction, and the flight-or-fight response.
The (19) system filters out impurities in blood and removes excess liquid.
The (20) system is part of the immune response and sends disease-fighting cells called lymphocytes into the tissues.
The (21) system obtains oxygen and releases carbon dioxide, provides air for speech, and gives you a sense of smell.
The (22) system provides a framework for support, protection, and storage and manufactures blood cells.
The (23) system provides both voluntary movement of the skeleton and involuntary movement of organs.
The (24) system controls and coordinates all body parts so they work together as one flowing unit.
The (25) system brings creates and nurtures a developing new life.
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