Unit 1 - What Is Health?

(1) is the material structure (cells, tissues, organs, and systems) of a living being.
(2) includes the influences from outside a person which shape and mold a person’s abilities, habits, thoughts, and personality.
(3) health is the fitness of your ability to think, to reason, to choose, and to plan.
(4) includes your mind, your memory, your will, and your emotions.
(5) is the eternal, life-giving force capable of forming a relationship with God and with other people.
(6) is the ability of your mind and body to work together to their highest possible level.
(7) is the state of physical, social, mental, and spiritual well-being.
(8) means the traits, such as appearance and natural aptitudes, received from your biological parents and encoded in your genes.
(9) health is the fitness of your body organs and functions
(10) health is the fitness of your relationships with family, friends, and community.
(11) health is having peace, joy, and contentment from knowing that you are in a right relationship with God and His creation.
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