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Mammals Links at My Class
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Visit these links to learn more about mammals.
Mammals at National Zoo Mammals at the National Zoo: Choose "Mammals" from "Type" menu to see fact sheets and photos
San Diego Zoo Mammals San Diego Zoo Mammals: Choose "Mammals from "Type" menu, and get to know a few furry favorites.
National Geographic Mammals National Geographic Mammals: Facts, photographs, and videos.
Ducksters Mammals Ducksters Mammals: See list for profiled mammals.
Mammals Image Bank Mammals Image Bank: Facts and images of North American mammals.
Enchanted Learning Mammals Enchanted Learning Mammals: Facts and printable activities.
Mammalia NHPTV Mammalia: Mammal orders including monotremes and marsupials.
Exploring Nature Mammals Exploring Nature Mammals: Range, Habitat, Traits, Diet, Reproduction of Mammals
Marine Mammal Center The Marine Mammal Center: Cetaceans, Pinnipeds, and Sea Otters
National Marine Mammal Laboratory National Marine Mammal Laboratory: Whales, Seals, Otters, and Polar Bears
WPClipart.com WPClipart.com Animal Images: Free public domain images.
Online Mammal Activities
eSkeletons eSkeletons.org: See close-ups of mammal bones.
Brain Pop BrainPop! Classifying Animals: Watch movies about classifying vertebrates.
Sheppard Software Sheppard Software Animal Games: Learn about animals in their habitats.
Mammals of the World Mammals of the World: Place mammals on correct continents.
Mr. Nussbaum Mr. Nussbaum Mammals: Online games about mammals.
LearningGamesForKids.com Mammal LearningGamesForKids.com: Test your knowledge of mammals.
North American Mammals Smithsonian North American Mammals: Search by map, species, or conservation status.