Sight Words
Light, Lenses, & Vision Links at My Class
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Learn more about Light, Lenses, & Vision at these links.
ScienceKids Light and Dark ScienceKids Light & Dark: Decide which objects are luminous.
ScienceKids Light and Shadows Science Kids Light and Shadows: Determine how to grow a shadow.
PBS Refraction Demo PBS Refraction Demo: Bend light with a convex lense, concave lens, or glass.
PBS Light Travels PBS How Light Travels: Which direction will light travel?
PBS Light Speed PBS Speed of Light: How do scientists measure the speed of light?
Beaker Reflection Professor Beaker Explains Reflection: What causes light to bounce off objects?
Study Jams Light Study Jams Light: Learn the properties of light.
Study Jams Absorb, Reflect, & Refract Study Jams Light Absorption, Refraction, & Reflection: Watch the video and learn.
ScienceKids Reflection ScienceKids Reflection: Position mirrors to direct light.
Alien Attack Alien Attack: Play to learn light properties.
Professor Beaker Ray Diagram Professor Beaker Ray Diagram: Trace the path light travels as it reflects.
Professor Beaker Rainbow Professor Beaker Rainbow: Observe how raindrops behave like prisms.
Childrens University Shadows Children's University Shadows: Measure shadows as the sun changes position.
MacMillan Colors MacMillan Seeing Colors: See which colors are reflected by objects.
Color Changer MyClass Color Changer: Experiment with and learn about Newton's Primary Colors of Light.
ScienceKids Lightbulbs ScienceKids Light Bulbs: Take a virtual tour of a light bulb factory.
PBS Convex Lense PBS Convex Lens: Experiment with a virtual convex lens.
Convex and Convave Convex or Concave: Adjust this virtual lens to see how light is bent.
Science, Optics, & You Science, Optics, & You: Many tutorials about lenses and refraction.
BrainPop! Using the Microscope: Focus and use a microscope virtually.
PBS Observing Refraction PBS Observing Refraction: See how light slows as it passes through a lens.
Study Jams Seeing Study Jams Seeing: How do we see?
NEI Eye Diagram NEI Parts of the Eye: Play a game to learn.
PBS Cow Eye Dissection PBS Cow Eye Dissection: See an eye from the inside.