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Chemistry Links at My Class
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Learn about the periodical table of elements.
Chem4Kids Chem4Kids.com: What are groups, periods, and families of elements?
Los Alamos Los Alamos National Laboratory: Learn from an interactive periodic table.
Photo Periodic Photographic Periodic Table: See photographs of elements and their discoverers.
Jefferson Lab Jefferson Lab It's Elemental: Learn histories and uses of elements.
Chemicool Chemicool.com: Read elements' discovery and view facts.
Merck Merck Periodic Table: Well-organized, easy-to-use information.
Lenntech Lenntech.com: Fact-filled essays about elements.
Human Touch of Chemistry HumanTouchOfChemistry.com: Playful, easy-to-read element information.
Fun Brain Funbrain.com: How well do you know the elements? Play and see.
View Scholastic Study Jams about Matter.
Periodic Table Study Jams: Periodic Table of the Elements
Properties of Matter Study Jams: Properties of Matter
Atoms Study Jams: Atoms: Protons, Neutrons, & Electrons
Elements and Compounds Study Jams: Elements & Compounds
Solids, Liquids, Gases Study Jams: Solids, Liquids, Gases
Mixtures Study Jams: Mixtures
Changes of Matter Study Jams: Physical & Chemical Changes of Matter
Energy and Matter Study Jams: Energy and Matter
Acids and Bases Study Jams: Acids and Bases
Games, Videos, Lessons, and Quizzes
BBC Chemistry BBC Bitesize: Chemistry
Middle School Chemistry MiddleSchoolChemistry.com: Multimedia online lessons
DK elements DKFindOut.com: Elements
E-Learning for Kids E-LearningForKids.org: Interactive element lessons
Atmospheric Molecules Center for Science Education: Atmospheric Chemistry Memory Game
Chemical Mixup University of Alabama MINT: Chemical Mixup Game