A Beka Reading 5 Unit 8


DIRECTIONS: Choose the word which best completes the sentence.

A. My mom will (1) that I do my homework before going to the party.
B. My little brother will (2) at me if he finishes his homework before I do.
C. My older brother has many (3) for trying to get out of doing his homework, but they never work!
D. "For the Lord and for Gideon!" was the (4) of Gideon’s 300 soldiers who defeated the Midianites.
E. The angry driver drove (5) past the road block and ignored the patrol officers’ warning.
F. The new marines were honored for successfully completing basic training at the (6) ceremony.
G. Hannah promised to (7) the child to the Lord if God would give her a son.
H. The priest wears an alb, a long white flowing robe, to perform weddings and other (8) .
I. The altar, chalice, and paten are (9) tools used by the priest to prepare holy communion.
J. In the 1700’s, Father Junipero founded more than one (10) among the Indians in California to bring them the Gospel.
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