A Beka Reading 5 Unit 6


DIRECTIONS: Choose the word which best completes the sentence.

A. The Japanese girl wore a traditional silk (1) to the International Day Festival.
B. The cattle (2) freely over the ten thousand acre ranch.
C. The new ranch hand is such a (3) that he’s never even been on a horse.
D. Our family’s ship cabins were in (4) , so we had to climb several flights of stairs to reach the deck.
E. Mom gave me an (5) look while deciding whether she thought I was up to the task.
F. At the Sunday School kick-off at the park, our youth group handed out (6) about our church to visitors.
G. I found a great (7) on shoes at the clearance sale.
H. If you (8) your parents’ advice, you can avoid getting into bad situations.
I. Our team purchased new jerseys with the (9) from our car wash.
J. Betty is an (10) fan of that author and has bought every book he has written.
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