A Beka Reading 5 Unit 4


DIRECTIONS: Choose the word which best completes the sentence.

A. The workers and their employer are beginning (1) over additional paid vacation days.
B. The Ohio River and the Missouri River are (2) which flow into the Mississippi River.
C. My brother started his first money-making (3) by selling programs at the football games.
D. Grandmother said we’d better (4) , or we’d miss supper.
E. The pioneer used a (5) to direct his oxen along the trail.
F. The Good Samaritan helped a man who was robbed and beaten by (6) .
G. The pet owner was charged with (7) for not feeding or sheltering his dog during the hot summer weather.
H. We vacationed in Monarch, a Rocky Mountain town along the (8) through which monarch butterflies migrate in the summer.
I. The teacher granted me a (9) and allowed me to complete my missing homework at recess instead of at detention.
J. Do you think that your classmate pushing you first should (10) your pushing her back?
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