A Beka Reading 5 Unit 1


Choose the word which best completes the sentence.

A. The bully's abuse of the dog made Tom so (1) that he yelled angrily.
B. With its peeling paint and broken windows, the house appeared (2) .
C. The wolf cub was (3) and came when called because it had been reared by people.
D. Dad was (4) and would not change his mind about cleaning our rooms this morning.
E. Getting sand in your sneakers is a (5) .
F. She had great (6) and stood up to the bully.
G. Did the builder put (7) on the house's outer walls?
H. I think our neighbor will (8) her windows with shutters.
I. Aunt Sue likes to decorate gingerbread cookies with (9) .
J. The southwestern United States is known for its (10) climate and cacti.

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