A Beka Reading 5 Unit 17

1. The people at the club behaved (1) towards the visitors and welcomed them.
2. The new nurse has a (2) for being extremely helpful to her coworkers.
3. Mr. Jones was filled with (3) when he yelled angrily at the bullies mistreating the stray dog.
4. Your (4) in the mirror reverses your left and right sides.
5. By studying hard, I am hoping to (5) all good grades on my report card.
6. George (6) the pastor’s advice and after much thought decided to volunteer for the job.
7. Dad wants to tear town the (7) storage shed before it collapses.
8. Our coach is very (8) and will not permit us to goof off during practice.
9. Mom made her most (9) chicken dish for our visitors.
10. Jill waited with great (10) for the party her parents promised to have for her thirteenth birthday.
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