A Beka Reading 5 Unit 16

A. Paul Bunyan’s footprints making the Great Lakes is an example of a tall tale (1) .
B. Gerry was (2) and confused when everyone began talking at once about what she should do.
C. Stan spoke (3) to his friends who would not help the little girl being picked on by the bully.
D. The football players gathered in a (4) around the quarterback to hear the next play.
E. I didn’t see Grandpa in his (5) seat at church, three pews from the front left side.
F. I suppose if the early settlers wanted ham for dinner they had to kill a wild (6) .
G. After Barb asked to go to the water fountain, everyone (7) in and asked to do the same.
H. The lionesses fiercely protect all the cubs in their (8) .
I. Old Mrs. Leary was (9) of starting the Great Chicago Fire when her cow kicked over a lantern in her barn.
J. The burly sergeant is a (10) soldier who can easily carry a fifty-pound pack all day without tiring.
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