A Beka Reading 5 Unit 15


Choose the vocabulary word which best completes the sentence.

A. We stared at the circus performer with our mouths (1) when he stuck his head in the lion’s mouth.
B. Our family had a small (2) on the way to church when our car struck a fallen branch in the road.
C. Mrs. Wise is known for her (3) and often invites her fellow church members over for Sunday dinner.
D. Although we did not see it happen, we could (4) from the mess scattered over our lawn that a dog had gotten into the trash.
E. The student was disciplined for (5) when she made a rude remark to the principal.
F. I like this colorful tie-dye shirt because of its (6) swirls.
G. Our Sunday School teacher gave a (7) about how the Bible was organized and translated into its present form.
H. I would like to (8) a stamp from Thailand, and then I will own a complete set of Asian stamps.
I. At the end of the church service, our pastor gave a (9) asking God’s blessing on the congregation.
J. Joe’s older brother is a big, (10) guy on the high school wrestling team.
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