A Beka Reading 5 Unit 14


Choose the vocabulary word which best completes the sentence.

A. Although the Apostle Paul had been beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, and imprisoned, he was not (1) in his desire to proclaim the Gospel.
B. Christopher Columbus was an (2) explorer who fearlessly sailed halfway around the world without a map.
C. I became angry at my little brother for his (3) habit of talking loudly while I am reading.
D. In the past a lady used to carry an umbrella called a (4) to protect her skin from the sun.
E. Mrs. Davis is a very polite lady and has such (5) manners.
F. My pet raccoon is so (6) that he has managed to open every lock I’ve put on his cage.
G. My shy little sister is (7) around company and will barely come out of her room.
H. The actor bounded onto the stage with a (8) making the audience roar with laughter.
I. You’ll need a (9) stick to prop open this heavy door.
J. Yvonne wore an (10) hat with fruit and feathers along with a ridiculous costume to the party.
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