A Beka Reading 5 Unit 13


Choose the word which best completes the sentence.

A. The young mother became (1) when she could not see her toddler.
B. Soak the fabric in the color dye for several hours to allow it to (2) the fibers.
C. The police officer was (3) to tell the arrested man what his legal rights were.
D. Aunt Sue has (4) lawn chairs made of woven, dried grape vines.
E. Mrs. White wore a necklace with a colorful, marble-like (5) stone pendant.
F. Our field trip was a short (6) to Wheeling to see the Wheeling Symphony at the Capital Theater.
G. The beauty pageant contestant had much (7) and pleased the judges greatly with her answers and manners.
H. The rain came down in great (8) causing the river to crest and flood.
I. The men’s restroom is down the hallway and across the (9) from the office.
J. Running the vacuum will cause static to (10) with the radio signal.
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