A Beka Reading 5 Unit 10


DIRECTIONS: Choose the word which best completes the sentence.

A. Once you start it, this (1) motion machine will continue to spin unless you stop it.
B. I can imagine Thomas Jefferson with an ink pot and feather-tipped (2) writing out the Declaration of Independence.
C. The postal carrier delivered a bulky (3) that I hope is the new game that I ordered.
D. Dad is (4) to ground you for a week if you use his tools without permission.
E. The stray dog’s coat was (5) with burs and mud.
F. After his nap, the toddler’s hair was (6) where he rubbed it against the mattress.
G. Our neighbor’s terrier has a (7) bark that hurts my ears.
H. The fans rapidly (8) after the game to beat the traffic.
I. We stayed in a log cabin (9) at the ski resort.
J. Please examine this (10) of bacteria under the microscope.
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