Story in a Story

A. We heard the (1) of rain on the porch roof.
B. In the distance we could hear the (2) of thunder.
C. The books fell off my desk with a loud (3) .
D. The loud thunder and bright lightning (4) my puppy, so she hid under the couch.
E. I found my lost necklace in the (5) drawer of the dresser.
F. The fluff from the (6) blew across the field.
G. The dark (7) were heavy with rain.
H. I cannot believe that Dad (8) through the storm without waking once.
I. Do you have a (9) sweater that I could borrow?
J. I am (10) with my grandparents while my parents are away.
K. Please (11) me a glass of milk.
L. At camp I slept on the top (12) , and my friend slept on the bottom bed.
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