Emmy and the Big Black Dog

A. My heart will (1) quickly when I run.
B. I was (2) for breath when I climbed the stairs.
C. I play with my puppy in the (3) behind our house.
D. At night we keep my puppy (4) behind the dog gate in the kitchen.
E. Our cat caught a (5) in the barn.
F. The (6) firefighter rescued the boy from the burning house.
G. My brother does not mind being (7) in the house while we are at the store.
H. She took a big (8) and splashed into the pool.
I. My puppy barks and runs (9) the fence when he sees the school bus.
J. Dad (10) the family to church in his new truck.
K. The dairy farmer poured the milk from the bucket into the (11) .
L. My sister (12) me a towel when I got out of the swimming pool.
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