Mr. Doodleburger Comes to Work

A. Mom (1) the lemons to make lemonade.
B. Steven (2) blackberries for a pie.
C. Kelly (3) water in a bucket to wash the car.
D. John chopped wood to fill the (4) beside the fireplace.
E. Sue put the groceries into the (5) .
F. Please push your (6) under your desk.
G. (7) Hall is the pastor at our church.
H. Do you have any (8) for dessert?
I. Tim (9) go to school because he was sick.
J. "Let me help you, (10) ," the nurse said to the old woman.
K. Tom will help you (11) your heavy books up the stairs.
L. I like to sit (12) my two friends on the bus.
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