The Bag of Birthday Bones

A. I marked Aunt Sue’s birthday on the (1) , so I would not forget it.
B. Asia is the largest continent in the (2) .
C. Our (3) has a green chalkboard.
D. The first day of (4) is March 20.
E. The new baby was (5) on Friday at the hospital.
F. The (6) of Canada is north of Lake Erie.
G. God rested from all He had made on day (7) of Creation.
H. An octopus has (8) tentacles.
I. Your birth (9) tells where you were born and who your parents are.
J. We labeled the names of the arm (10) on the skeleton.
K. We enjoy three (11) of vacation from school each summer.
L. The (12) of this knife is very sharp.
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