All Kinds of Houses

(1) Did you see the small, furry (1) swimming across the pond?
(2) God made us a (2) world in which to live.
(3) I like to be around people, so I wouldn’t want to be a (3) .
(4) God made many marvelous (4) such as elephants, giraffes, and zebras.
(5) I could hear the (5) drilling on the old log as it looked for insects.
(6) My family made a (6) to see the beach while we were on vacation.
(7) Dad took us on a (7) through the forest to see the birds.
(8) The deer are (8) through the forest looking for food to eat.
(9) Some animals wait until (9) to hunt after the sun has set.
(10) While he was fishing, Tim caught a (10) in the muddy, shallow river water.
(11) February 2 is Ground Hog Day when a (11) comes out of his tunnel after his long winter nap.
(12) Be careful not to get stung because the (12) built nests on our porch ceiling.
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