The Red Children

(1) The (1) lived in North American before the settlers came from Europe.
(2) The (2) built their homes high on the sides of mountains.
(3) The Plains Indians hunted the large (3) for food and furs.
(4) The Indian mother rocked her (4) to sleep.
(5) When the papoose begins to cry, the mother will (5) her by singing to her.
(6) We went to the beach by the beautiful, blue (6) .
(7) The Indians spoke different languages because they were from different (7) .
(8) My teacher asked me to write a (8) with five sentences about Indians.
(9) Different Indian tribes built different (9) to protect them from the weather.
(10) A Plains Indian from long ago would live in a tent-like (10) made from poles covered by animal skins.
(11) Long ago, some Indians built round houses covered with bark or grass mats (11) to live in for a short time.
(12) Long ago, some Indians built (12) that looked like upside-down bowls covered with grass mats.
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