The Lost Shoes

(1) Please don’t (1) your brother while he is studying for a test.
(2) My puppy is a (2) when he won’t stop barking.
(3) Mom (3) just what I wanted for my birthday.
(4) I wanted a (4) mp3 player for my birthday.
(5) In (5) more years I’ll be in the eighth grade.
(6) My puppy barks (6) much, so I told her to hush.
(7) Can you (7) the chalkboard from your desk?
(8) The boat was sailing on the salty (8) .
(9) She got a sunburn on her (9) skin.
(10) Goldilocks ate the porridge of the baby (10) because it was just right.
(11) Mom promised that we will (11) go to the school picnic this year.
(12) I didn’t get this done today, so I will finish it (12) .
(13) Please hang up your clothes in the (13) .
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