Too Big and Too Little

A. Jane (1) that disobeying her mother was the wrong thing to do.
B. When I am not home, my puppy is (2) by herself.
C. We hit the beach ball back and (3) over the net.
D. Walking on the (4) is much safer than walking in the street.
E. We cleaned the house to get ready for our (5) who were coming for Sunday dinner.
F. Tom (6) know how to spell the word, so the teacher told him to use the dictionary.
G. Please give Grandfather a (7) of the pumpkin pie for dessert.
H. The old lady (8) help carrying her groceries into the house.
I. I like (9) a toy for my puppy to fetch.
J. “Put your name at the top of the (10) ,” the teacher said.
K. Jill (11) her mind about wearing the red dress and wore the blue dress instead.
L. Mom (12) her head when I asked her if I could go to my friend’s house.
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