A Story Full of Pockets

A. I ran fast and (1) up to my friends who had left earlier.
B. Take your (2) to recess so that you do not get cold.
C. James is a (3) boy who gets up quickly after getting knocked down.
D. Please fill these (4) glasses with ice tea.
E. I like to blow a (5) with my chewing gum.
F. Please don’t (6) me with your spray bottle.
G. The little boy wore denim (7) over a red pullover shirt.
H. The girls jumping rope went (8) skip across the playground.
I. Please put a (9) in the parking meter.
J. The father wiped his little boy’s runny nose with a (10) .
K. The number after ten and before twelve is (11) .
L. The kangaroo went (12) hop across the desert.
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