A Book in Our House That I Can Read

A. I (1) if Mom will make spaghetti for supper tonight.
B. Tom (2) the leaves off the patio with a broom.
C. Kathy smiled and (3) very happy when I gave her a hug.
D. The students listened to their (4) as she taught them about mammals.
E. My brother (5) the broken pedal on my bike.
F. The firefighter has (6) the alarm bell to test it.
G. We went to the farmer’s (7) to buy vegetables for supper.
H. Grandmother has a blind on her porch made of woven (8) grass reeds.
I. You can step on the (9) to reach the shelf better.
J. Mom said that I could spend my allowance on (10) that I wanted.
K. Sam chose chocolate milk (11) of orange juice for his lunch.
L. I could see the neighbors in their house through the (12) in their curtains.
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