The Wisdom of the Lord

A. The airplane (1) at the airport safely.
B. True (2) comes from reading the Bible and living according to God’s right way.
C. The (3) Jesus calmed the wind and the waves with a word.
D. We picked the red tomatoes from the garden because they were (4) .
E. I hope you have a (5) birthday and many more cheerful ones.
F. The grapes grow on (6) which climb the fence.
G. My dog will fetch a (7) from the tree if you will throw it for him.
H. God is so great that He knows (8) about each person.
I. Sally was carrying too many things, and she accidentally (9) them on the floor.
J. A (10) day in January is unusual because it snows often then.
K. If you eat too (11) candy, you will get a stomach ache.
L. Our science workbook is (12) , but our math workbook is thick because it has many more pages.
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