The I-Know Game

A. Is (1) the month in which we celebrate Christmas?
B. This toy model has many (2) that must be put together.
C. We built a house of Lincoln logs, but we had to take it (3) to put the toys away.
D. I like (4) what is inside each wrapped gift before I open it.
E. John was (5) up and down in his seat because he wanted the teacher to call on him.
F. At (6) on New Year’s Eve, we watch the countdown to the new year on television.
G. The teacher gave us a (7) to help us answer the question.
H. I opened the curtains so that I could see out the glass (8) .
I. I gave my mother a (9) on Mother’s Day to show her how much I love her.
J. My puppy (10) me to give him a treat by sitting on his hind legs and barking.
K. We will go outside for recess (11) it is raining.
L. Our family goes on vacation each (12) during the summer.
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