Long-Handled Hoe

A. Dan can use this axe to (1) the logs into smaller pieces.
B. Stand up (2) so that I can measure how tall you are.
C. Joe used a (3) branch as a walking stick.
D. The mother (4) her little girl’s shoes to keep her shoes from falling off.
E. The (5) took their bows and arrows to search for deer for the feast.
F. Grip the knife by its (6) carefully so that you do not cut yourself.
G. Sandy (7) into the house so quietly that no one knew she had come home.
H. The teacher (8) the class how to work the problem on the chalkboard.
I. The little girl’s ponytails (9) out above her ears.
J. The swimming floats (10) up and down in the pool.
K. The toy dog’s head went (11) as the child pulled the toy behind him.
L. The exercise leader told us to (12) from the waist and touch our toes.
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