Forgotten Thank-You’s

A. The soda was (1) and bubbled over the glass.
B. I want dark brown (2) icing on my birthday cake.
C. Please put the hot fudge (3) and whipped cream on my sundae.
D. Jesus once healed ten (4) , people who had a bad skin disease.
E. Grandmother packed us peanut butter and jelly (5) for our lunch boxes.
F. I got a (6) in my hand from the rough wood.
G. Mother likes to cook (7) beef and (8) potatoes for Sunday dinner.
H. Loud noises frighten me and give me an (9) headache.
I. Dad dug up carrots and (10) from the garden.
J. We saw the beautiful spotted (11) in cages at the zoo.
K. After Jesus (12) the Apostle Peter’s mother-in-law, she was well enough to cook a meal.
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