Lesson of the Lincoln Logs

A. My great-grandmother (1) when she was very old.
B. My puppy (2) up my new shoes with his teeth.
C. Put the milk in the refrigerator, or it will (3) and taste sour.
D. Please put the books back on the (4) when you are done.
E. My dog (5) allowed to go out of the yard without a leash.
F. I wrote my name at the top of the (6) of paper.
G. I will (7) the dishwasher with dirty dishes after supper.
H. Aunt Sue wrapped the leftover pie with (8) wrap to keep it fresh.
I. My aunt, uncle, and (9) are coming to celebrate Christmas with us.
J. This wood feels (10) and may give you a splinter.
K. We had a (11) on fractions in our math class.
L. We had to do our school work (12) it was time for recess.
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