Captain or Deck Hand?

A. We tied down the tent ropes with (1) to keep the tent from blowing away.
B. In the morning, we say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American (2) at school.
C. The captain of the ship turned the (3) to guide the ship away from the rocks.
D. The sailors on the (4) on the ship raised the sails.
E. I like to (5) that I am a doctor.
F. Mom (6) the clean plates in the dish cupboard.
G. My backpack was under that big (7) of backpacks in the hall.
H. Don used a hammer to (8) the nails into the wood.
I. I could see the dark spot on the moon clearly through my (9) last night.
J. The sailors on the ship must obey the orders of the (10) .
K. Hold onto the (11) so that you do not fall off the ship.
L. Dad (12) the car around the big pothole on the road.
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