Baby Insect

A. The butterfly goes through four (1) to become an adult insect.
B. My skin was very (2) after I got out of the swimming pool.
C. “Please answer the (3) about the story,” the teacher said.
D. We watched the (4) that the caterpillar had made everyday to see if the butterfly was ready to come out.
E. Mosquitoes, flies, ants, bees, and butterflies all have six legs and are called (5) .
F. This beautiful black and orange butterfly is a (6) butterfly.
G. The butterfly laid her eggs on the green leaf of a (7) .
H. Is this insect with beautiful wings a (8) or a moth?
I. If you want to keep an insect in a jar, you must punch (9) in the lid to let air get in.
J. I use my binoculars to (10) the butterflies in the field.
K. Although it looks like a worm, a (11) is really a baby insect.
L. You can tell the difference between a monarch and a viceroy butterfly by looking at the pattern of its colorful (12) or bands.
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