It Is Up to You

A. You must go up the (1) to get to Mrs. Hill’s office on the second floor.
B. You will need bandages if your scrapes (2) .
C. John fell on the playground and (3) his knee.
D. The sad children sat (4) inside the house on the rainy day.
E. Alice is a (5) who walks too slowly to keep up with the rest of the class.
F. I like to go down the (6) and swing on the swings at the playground.
G. Mr. Schmidt was all by (7) in the car.
H. In science, we learned the(8) that heat rises is always true.
I. I hope you will (9) the field trip and that everyone has a good time.
J. The boys (10) going to art class today because they have music class.
K. If it (11) rain, we will have outdoor recess.
L. Jesus said that He would (12) leave us.
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