Helping Hands

A. We were (1) downhill on our sleds.
B. Don put the flowerpot on the (2) beside the front door.
C. Walk (3) when you are carrying scissors.
D. Pete drives a (4) truck for UPS and takes packages to many houses.
E. How many (5) attend your church?
F. My (6) came to my house to swim.
G. Gary got to Grandma’s house (7) of me because he walks faster.
H. School was cancelled because it was a very (8) day.
I. The baby was (9) in her crib at nap time.
J. When school ended, I (10) my coat and backpack.
K. Sue put the pinecones she had picked up in a (11) to carry them home.
L. The class (12) to finish their work quickly before recess.
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