Why Henry Was Late - Unit 14

A. We waited several (1) in the car for the engine to warm up.
B. My brother broke the cookie jar; it was not my (2) .
C. “Next year I will be (3) on my birthday,” said the fourteen-year-old girl.
D. The (4) from the dairy brought one gallon of milk.
E. This dress does not fit me because it is not my (5) .
F. I was so hungry that I ate my (6) lunch in five minutes.
G. The teacher said that (7) we could play tag at recess if everyone agrees.
H. I had a (8) of good conduct at school and got an “A” on my report card.
I. The little girl who fell on the playground was (9) because she skinned her knee.
J. The teacher told the boy, “You’re a smart (10) .”
K. The (11) we were late for church was that our car would not start.
L. The puppy was barking at me because I (12) filled his food bowl.
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