Good-bye, Little Blue Jeep - Unit 13

A. This difficult long-division problem is the (1) of all.
B. Put your (2) down the sleeve of the jacket.
C. I can spell this word quickly because it is (3) .
D. We went (4) the doorway and into the classroom.
E. Ten plus twenty equals (5) .
F. The girls (6) finished their art projects yet.
G. Telling the (7) means not telling a lie.
H. My favorite toy is (8) where my puppy cannot find it.
I. You must hold onto the roll bar in (9) because they have no ceilings.
J. Cars, trucks, jeeps, and vans are all (10) used to move people.
K. My laptop is (11) , and it will not work anymore.
L. Jim (12) the dirty water down the drain.
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