An Indian's Gift

A. Don’t (1) picking those tomatoes; they are too small.
B. Jill likes to smile and is kind and (2) to everyone.
C. The deer hid among the trees in the (3) .
D. Tom used his bow to shoot an (4) at the target.
E. The farmer’s wife threw a (5) of corn on the ground for the chickens.
F. In the summer, I like to eat (6) on the cob from our garden.
G. Our teacher Mrs. Schmidt has (7) fifth grade for many years.
H. Josh shook the box because he (8) what was inside of it.
I. If you water the garden, the plants will (9) tall in the summer sun.
J. Some (10) people lived in teepees, wore buckskin, and hunted buffalo.
K. Draw back the string on the (11) to make the arrow fly.
L. The hunter will (12) the arrow at the deer to kill it for meat.
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