The Apple That Was Polished Six Times

Nannie worked hard all morning, and she felt (1) .
The boy used a cloth to (2) the car until it was shiny.
Kim looked beautiful wearing a (3) pink dress.
Mrs. Black (4) her baby to sleep in the rocking chair.
Mr. Smith likes to (5) a song while he works.
My friend gave me a (6) wrapped in pretty paper for my birthday.
When I was sick in the hospital, a (7) took care of me.
I helped Mom put away the (8) she bought at Krogers.
On Thursday we have pizza for (9) at our school.
The student (10) about the right answer to the test question.
Dad wears a tie with his (11) when he goes to work.
Mom told me to wear my (12) over my shirt because it was a cool day.
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